Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION! 

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We play an offensive card game ..created by Dan and Phil viewers?? What could go wrong!
(This video was not sponsored by Stereo but we do have a paid partnership with them)
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21-Fev, 2021



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Karime Mtz.
Karime Mtz. Soat oldin
Very cute sloth :)
Totty the Twink
Totty the Twink 2 soat oldin
I've been subscribed but I still didn't get this video until now
kitty 6 soat oldin
i miss dan and phil together so much this made me so happy
Madeline Greenwood
Madeline Greenwood 6 soat oldin
Well, it took us a while, but we finally managed to get this video over 1 million views! Good work, team ^.^
Radelaid 8 soat oldin
the views are 999,000 for me and that’s kinda cool
Themagicalmiss 9 soat oldin
Phil tweeting only Phans reminds me of the time I threw the group chat into chaos by sending a tiktok about what Mario kart character you play and whether that makes you a top or a bottom. I got bowser and it said top, so I said “guess I’m a top” then a friend replied “no , no you’re not” and I responded with “fuck around and find out” then chaos ensued
analyce 10 soat oldin
this is so crazy, just two years ago we were all like “oMg tHeY aRe sO tOgEtHeR” and now they are
phil's dead houseplants
they put up with so much shit from us omg
Layne Brock
Layne Brock 12 soat oldin
Omg I forgot about the sexy end screen dance and now I have so much serotonin
diahri 12 soat oldin
How I miss hearing dan's laugh
Aimee BLM
Aimee BLM 14 soat oldin
That sloths gonna see somethings if you give it away...
Em Ison
Em Ison 16 soat oldin
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 16 soat oldin
unfollowed him.
epiphany 14 soat oldin
Smol Beans
Smol Beans 16 soat oldin
I MISSED THE BANTS SO MUCH! phil, honestly you and Dan could be doing anything and i’d think it was hilarious
milkymalk 17 soat oldin
I was not expecting a throwback to the ancient sexy endscreen dance but I’m happy about it
Zaphara Shion
Zaphara Shion 17 soat oldin
The amount of happiness that this video game me was too much.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 16 soat oldin
was that the super amazing project sound effect 😭😭😭
Xime Lozada
Xime Lozada 17 soat oldin
Dayana Ricardo
Dayana Ricardo 18 soat oldin
Sorry AM not speak English but i love your's videos ,
Rosemary 18 soat oldin
Man, I fucking missed this
abi melendez
abi melendez 19 soat oldin
i remember being 11-12 and dan and phil was everything to me. now im 17, almost 18, about to graduate highschool and im still sitting here smiling. i can pretend like i've grown up and i'm not apart of the phandom, but these 19 minutes have been the best 19 minutes since middle school
Julieta A.
Julieta A. 22 soat oldin
we want this. we need this
Gigi Kun oldin
Kara Solis
Kara Solis Kun oldin
Fun fact, I have seen someone put cheese spray in a soda stream and drink it on tiktok
ANTØ Alvarez
ANTØ Alvarez Kun oldin
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa amo esto lo necesitaba con toda la alma gracias dan y phil
curposio Kun oldin
The fact that I spent my middle school years absolutely obsessed with dan and Phil, and I can still hop on a video every so often and laugh makes me very happy
Julia Hallenbeck
Pepsi- in a Coca Cola glass? I don't give a damn.
SH x Holistic
SH x Holistic Kun oldin
a definite blast from the past
Angie’s ChaosCorner
this is a present likeee aaaah
cristina torrealba fredes
i havent laughed liked this in a really long time, thanks guys
Poppy Hazeldine
Poppy Hazeldine Kun oldin
Ella Elliott
Ella Elliott Kun oldin
Red pixels but it legit looks like blood
Pagan Kun oldin
was that the super amazing project sound effect 😭😭😭
Rachel From Staples
Idk about u but Hentai and violent crafting sounds like a fun time 😂
Blaze The Biz
Blaze The Biz Kun oldin
Ella Elliott
Ella Elliott Kun oldin
I’m just gonna tell myself this is it
Dear Fawn
Dear Fawn Kun oldin
In answer to Dans question "Does anybody want this" I would like to answer yes. The whole world wants this.
ela ulaga
ela ulaga Kun oldin
Watching this again after a long and exhausting day at work waiting in the longest line in the world to get tested for corona. I want to go back to the day when i discovered Dan and Phil, life was soo simple back than...
Lola Fendetti
Lola Fendetti Kun oldin
I missed Dan's laugh so much :)
Eve Smith
Eve Smith Kun oldin
We need the video of you giving each other hair cuts
Nube rosa
Nube rosa Kun oldin
KingEhrys98 Kun oldin
My uncles are back.
Lan Dewell
Lan Dewell Kun oldin
闇風- YamiKaze
This unlocked my memory of the sexy end screen dance
sea bass
sea bass Kun oldin
Dan and Phil are like the gay British versions of Rhett and Link
Cheyanne Cortez
Cheyanne Cortez Kun oldin
Can we have a Dan&Phil Crafts for the tree with moss and rock thing?
Q Kun oldin
My philosophy teacher used a picture of Dan lying on the floor as an example of an existential crisis.
giulia Kun oldin
"the coke is hitting" i missed u danny boy!! ♡ glad u seem okay
Dan Hurt
Dan Hurt Kun oldin
I wanna win *~cube~*
Thalia Arias
Thalia Arias Kun oldin
I missed u guys together!!! so exited!!!
Kathy Johnson
Kathy Johnson Kun oldin
"You got 5 or 6 BUDDY?!?"
Kay Austin
Kay Austin Kun oldin
I feel like a high schooler again watching this and it's wonderful
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Kun oldin
“hamster in a hat” dear fucking god phil what have you done
rj peaches
rj peaches Kun oldin
tbf, there’s a lot more leeway when cutting curly/wavy hair (in my experience) bc most mistakes can be blended in with the ✨luscious curls✨
Mia Childers
Mia Childers 2 kun oldin
I want to see them play those mobile games you get those shitty ads for
Danielle 2 kun oldin
dan and phil started my addiction to BL
Trey Atkins
Trey Atkins 2 kun oldin
I think my favorite part about this dynamic is that you don't see it often: Two (adorable) gay guys who have decided to move into a house together, but their friendship is still platonic and nothing more. It's just such a wholesome dynamic undermined by Dan's not-so-wholesome demeanor.
Trey Atkins
Trey Atkins Soat oldin
@Kiara Rose idk. It just seems platonic either way
Kiara Rose
Kiara Rose Soat oldin
Don’t we not know for sure if their platonic? I thought it was confirmed nor denied..
Trey Atkins
Trey Atkins Kun oldin
@seeni gzty that too
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Kun oldin
3:20 how about: Cardbuds
Trey Atkins
Trey Atkins 2 kun oldin
"A hamster in a hat" NO, I thought we all agreed to leave the milkfic behind us.
Trey Atkins
Trey Atkins Kun oldin
@Ella Elliott yep. That's the whole point of the comment.
Ella Elliott
Ella Elliott Kun oldin
That’s the hamster fic they’re talking about
JT 2 kun oldin
I have missed Dan so freaking much. It's so good to see them together again 🥺
Trey Atkins
Trey Atkins 2 kun oldin
Phil somehow made Dan even more adorable and Dan somehow made Phil even more adorable.
amé astral
amé astral 2 kun oldin
gracias dan and phil por hacer que de mis 14-16 mi adolescencia fuese menos dolorosa
Commit Kitty
Commit Kitty 2 kun oldin
"We're here we're queer and the rest of it " 😂
larhonda41 2 kun oldin
You guys are hilarious. The world definitely needs your content.
liten fråga
liten fråga 2 kun oldin
Okay you compLETELY got me when you were counting in German haha lovvve the video btw
JustNate 2 kun oldin
The Phanfics are writing themselves at this point
just another capricorn
the way my soul left my body when phil pulled the "hamster in a hat" card
Lovely Tanya
Lovely Tanya 2 kun oldin
This is my comfort, thank you
Little Loser
Little Loser 2 kun oldin
i've never clicked a video so fast
marin carey
marin carey 2 kun oldin
so much................ c r e a t i v i t y
Frr 2 kun oldin
My brain literally everytime they're about to say stereo: s t e r o i d s
JL B 2 kun oldin
3:20 how about: Cardbuds
Nicole Bookish
Nicole Bookish 2 kun oldin
Ahhhhhh Dan! So happy to see you both 🤗
Anastacia Pedersen
Anastacia Pedersen 2 kun oldin
is this 2014? i'm literally screaming. My sense of reality is gone.
ella curtis
ella curtis 2 kun oldin
4:34 this is hilarious
Minnie internationalpopksensationsunshinerainbow
Not to be shallow or anything but Dan still hot in 2021
KashmirKreations :P
“This is for you sugar freak” gonna start saying that unironically
TheCandyLover14 2 kun oldin
My CHILDHOOD??? In 2021?? I'm so glad I'm alive
Int4 wizard
Int4 wizard 2 kun oldin
The nostalgia is through the roof
underscorellie 2 kun oldin
they saw when the world needed them and gave us life
Crytal Lynn
Crytal Lynn 2 kun oldin
yes this is the content we want
Breeane Lee
Breeane Lee 2 kun oldin
this video brought me an Incredible Amount of Joy
Ben Carpenter
Ben Carpenter 2 kun oldin
Ahhh I missed Dans laugh 😊♥️
Emmett Kasey
Emmett Kasey 2 kun oldin
i’m sorry but you crafted something without filming a dan and phil crafts? disgraceful
rene dawn
rene dawn 2 kun oldin
I missed this so muchhh
KatherineDunn 2 kun oldin
"This is for you, sugar freak"
Beth Forde
Beth Forde 2 kun oldin
my goodnesss i’m getting such a throwback to rushing to see Dan’s streams on YouNow on Tuesdays and reserving my Sundays for the radio show. it’s been too long since i’ve watched these two 🥺 nostalgia is assaulting me
Lauren Thomas
Lauren Thomas 2 kun oldin
i forgot how much i loved these videos
Kayleigh Farragut
Kayleigh Farragut 2 kun oldin
dan clearly hasn’t seen the “will it sodastream” people on tiktok
Amanda Bargeman
Amanda Bargeman 2 kun oldin
I haven't watched a recent video of y'all in so long but hearing dan's laugh again made my soul warm
Vaishnavi Gandikota
The 'oi' at 13:09 is what im living for
just me
just me 2 kun oldin
I was so obsessed w these guys when I was 12 that I cried at their tour. Two days ago I turned 18 and for some reason today I felt the urge to look them up and now I’m watching this and this is a weird feeling
Little Bunny lover
Little Bunny lover 2 kun oldin
I laughed so hard
I can’t. This is reminding me of my middle school years when I wrote fanfics about them 😭😭 of course I was like 12 so the only thing I wrote about was pastel Dan and punk phil
jessica warble
jessica warble 2 kun oldin
this gave me so much COMFORT and a sense of home 🥺🥺🥺 missed you guys
kiara wentzloff
kiara wentzloff 2 kun oldin
The back of dan head made me think of Matty Healy 💀
Pine Tree
Pine Tree 2 kun oldin
That tree looks like pot leaves 😭
Marthe Tanghe
Marthe Tanghe 2 kun oldin
To think that I was a fan in high school and now I'm getting my master's degree... damn time goes fast lol
Bellasumney 3 kun oldin
God have I missed you guys.....I literally grew up watching you and boy did I miss it. I hope you guys are living your best lives!!! Much love:) insta: @bellasumney
Jake Starr
Jake Starr 3 kun oldin
i miss the sims 4 seris soo much
Mellchiril 3 kun oldin
this is more what I expect cards against humanity to be like. Secondhand embarrassment and being unsure whether to laugh or cry, so just grinning awkwardly at the screen. And yes, I am saying this in regards to the previous cah video to which, I still remember, I did not act too kindly (sorry about that) Real fun video :) Also good luck to everyone entering the giveaway, hope you win... The Cube.
aru s.
aru s. 3 kun oldin
I know that sneak peak of the house gave you all Dil house vibes
alicehasdrowned jpg
I missed them omgggg
D12 U
D12 U 3 kun oldin
Dan keeps asking if this is the content we want.... I'm just gonna say 2021 is already better
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