100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat] 

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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Superflat worlds are very notable. The entire world is SUPERFLAT, with only 3 layers of dirt and then unbreakable bedrock. In this video, I will survive for 100 Days in a Minecraft Superflat World on Hardcore mode. If I die my entire world will be deleted. So watch me run from the slimes and make hella profits in 100 Days - [Minecraft Superflat]
World Download - www.mediafire.com/file/y4xqwxuck8jpcqz/100_Days_-_%255BHardcore_Superflat%255D.rar/file
Please do not re-upload any of this content
Please make more 100 Days if you are inspired
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Thumbnail Art - Maeder
Editor - Tors
0:00 Day 1 - 10
3:12 Day 11- 20
5:48 Day 21 - 30
8:39 Day 31 - 40
11:37 Day 41 - 50
14:32 Day 51 - 60
17:21 Day 61-70
20:33 Day 71-80
23:50 Day 81-90
26:57 Day 91-100




20-Fev, 2021



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Luke TheNotable
Luke TheNotable 12 kun oldin
Have a notable day (Pls subscribe)
Me cool Of course
Me cool Of course 12 kun oldin
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 12 kun oldin
U too
Ed McDonald
Ed McDonald 12 kun oldin
You too
sara drummond
sara drummond 12 kun oldin
Me and my sister LOVE these videos of 100 days in Minecraft
kpop more like kpoop
Rawdog 620 Mobile Channel
You need to keep this going it's gonna be awesome!
CorkMander 2 daqiqa oldin
Pls continue
Steven Stupid
Steven Stupid 17 daqiqa oldin
do 200 days please
Dovahkiin 18 daqiqa oldin
If strongholds are enabled in the world generation, you can find the end
Jim 28 daqiqa oldin
2000 days episode required
akuma__ 29 daqiqa oldin
notable................no table............i dont want no table
Can you please continue you and tors and this series as well
Dark lord Phoenix
Dark lord Phoenix 37 daqiqa oldin
Again... do 100 day of Minecraft on the Nintendo switch like if anyone wants this
Charan A
Charan A 28 daqiqa oldin
thats just bedrock lol
Aiden Richardson
Aiden Richardson 39 daqiqa oldin
Continue series
Owl Rick
Owl Rick 46 daqiqa oldin
I'm still waiting for i survived 100 day skyblock
Mr Yeet
Mr Yeet Soat oldin
200 days Minecraft hardcore with tors plz Hope you see this and I’m staying notable
EnderPlays Soat oldin
that makes me think how do you find the end portal?
I just thought about but for 3000 days he should make the water tunnel on the island for "how did we get here? " One block taller and then have depth strider 3 on his boots so he can control his movements in the water easier
Jacob Myers
Jacob Myers 2 soat oldin
I saw skeppy do this and there was.
Bruh Bruh
Bruh Bruh 2 soat oldin
200 day???
hMatthew Burt
hMatthew Burt 2 soat oldin
If you want to do 200 days, then that's cool
Deku Cool
Deku Cool 2 soat oldin
Carmine Andranovich
Carmine Andranovich 2 soat oldin
did he die in the other series? his hardcore survival
iSwifty 2 soat oldin
Nightbeast 412
Nightbeast 412 3 soat oldin
11:34 but it is pronounced elytra
thefiur 42 daqiqa oldin
El-ie-tra or El-ee-tra both are good pronunciations.
Among We
Among We 3 soat oldin
Lora Clark
Lora Clark 3 soat oldin
Do more please
Ianis Nagy
Ianis Nagy 3 soat oldin
Do a biome only one it more fun to watch like ocean only or ice spikes only
James Detlefsen
James Detlefsen 3 soat oldin
yeeesssss keep going on the seiries
MrWanna Bu
MrWanna Bu 3 soat oldin
Pls do another tors episode :p
Dapper Faux
Dapper Faux 4 soat oldin
yes, please continie the series😁😍
Julious Hannah
Julious Hannah 4 soat oldin
Can you make fortnite video again🥺🥺🥺
EVAN BORSKI 2 soat oldin
fortnite is bad though
nurul khaisara nurul khaira
Do a one block with tors we miss her like every thing
Katy Saddington
Katy Saddington 4 soat oldin
200 days and flat
The Imposter
The Imposter 4 soat oldin
I don't know if you knew this, but you can find gravel under the villager farm composer.
Walker781 4 soat oldin
did anyone else hear ballon boys laugh on day 63??
kallipuppylover 4 soat oldin
Who is your dad? How do you get a job at Minecraft? How old do you have to be?!
Aiden Ramirez
Aiden Ramirez 4 soat oldin
Do 200 days!!!!
Δερμιτζάκης Γιώργος
Please make 200 days!!!!!!
Arturas Skirzgilas
Arturas Skirzgilas 4 soat oldin
I survied super flat
SoulDigger 4 soat oldin
10:00 did he just call it netherack.... nether wart...
Jack Peterson
Jack Peterson 5 soat oldin
Yessir 8 more
Xander Boughen
Xander Boughen 5 soat oldin
How do you say elytra then cuz that’s how I say it
nobie_dirt Playz
nobie_dirt Playz 5 soat oldin
In 5:50 he said bi@chs 🤣
Lily Talbot
Lily Talbot 5 soat oldin
Mexicin Rat
Mexicin Rat 5 soat oldin
Like my name and my profile picture
Frozen Yogurt Studioz
Fyice 4 soat oldin
Lego Anakin Skywalker
WellMeyNameIsMuchMuchLongerThanYoursh HahahahaahahS
Hey can you get rid of the space between luke and the in your username
Tina Babooram
Tina Babooram 6 soat oldin
Burh I mean is let him play another game of the flag Minecraft game whatever you call it Part 2 in 200 and 300
Sidney Russell
Sidney Russell 6 soat oldin
please do part 2!
Sidney Russell
Sidney Russell 6 soat oldin
please do part 2!
malicai 6 soat oldin
the clopping of the slimes
rare jongen
rare jongen 7 soat oldin
Tc Fishy
Tc Fishy 7 soat oldin
Hi luke i know u wont SEE this but i just want to say u are amazing i have watchOS all ur vids
Sharonthemom123 YES!
100000 days of hardcore pls
Paul Raidmets
Paul Raidmets 7 soat oldin
make 100 days in minecraft but no sleep
noob oreo
noob oreo 7 soat oldin
The epic gamer 123
The epic gamer 123 7 soat oldin
Time to comment some support I Love this series
Lol ok
Lol ok 7 soat oldin
Do a 200 days of hardcore minecraft pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Lol ok
Lol ok 4 soat oldin
@Sharonthemom123 YES! I meant in flat plain
White 6 soat oldin
@Sharonthemom123 YES! Think he talking bout the flat world
Sharonthemom123 YES!
There’s 2000
do 100days in the nether hardcore but if u dont want to u can do it in normal survival world
Xraygamer12 _ 3
Xraygamer12 _ 3 7 soat oldin
i would love if you would make 200 hundred days with tors in hardcore, that would be awesome
Lol ok
Lol ok 7 soat oldin
Yes i would like him to do a 200 hundred days with tors idk whats wrong with that
AMMAR MOHIUDDIN 7 soat oldin
I was laughing when the eye of ender wasn't going anywhere and my brother said that all after that work😂.
Sreyrath Sem
Sreyrath Sem 7 soat oldin
Can you realist 3000 day
nick .h
nick .h 7 soat oldin
"I created a wall day 7 but the slimes protested, so I killed them" hmm sound famillier to the Chinese government.
Senseiguan 8 soat oldin
“Sorry slimes you can’t have any, you don’t have rights”
Eddie Kerschbaumer
Eddie Kerschbaumer 8 soat oldin
Yo when is hardcore 3000 days coming out
Davids Lighting and More
@Eddie Kerschbaumer also to mention that caves and cliff is coming in June from what I know. Im also thinking Luke might be a full time minecraft youtuber from what I am seeing 😃
Eddie Kerschbaumer
Eddie Kerschbaumer 3 soat oldin
@Davids Lighting and More true
Davids Lighting and More
i'm thinking the same thing too however, he has to take a break. He mentioned on his 2000 days world tour that he will start playing around when caves and cliffs comes out.
Jake Ifer
Jake Ifer 8 soat oldin
If you ever died from Penguins it's because you're not wearing golden armor you can we're as much as you want but be careful
dodecahedron machine
The ransom _king
The ransom _king 8 soat oldin
Yeah penguins love gold
Koko Joko
Koko Joko 8 soat oldin
did you have a stroke?
EK YT 8 soat oldin
Elijah Sittig
Elijah Sittig 8 soat oldin
cheese and profites
Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki 8 soat oldin
lenny 6 soat oldin
@Stef 1234 r/woooosh
Pixel Play
Pixel Play 7 soat oldin
@Stef 1234 he means real life days xD
Stef 1234
Stef 1234 8 soat oldin
900 mc days=15 hrs (ik i am getting r/whoosed)
Weeb 9 soat oldin
Greysen Y
Greysen Y 9 soat oldin
You are able to beat minecraft on super flat you just have to find the end portal
Gerardo Santiago
Gerardo Santiago 9 soat oldin
Try 100 days sky block
NoteBlock Studio
NoteBlock Studio 9 soat oldin
i hate your fov
Tyler Horner
Tyler Horner 8 soat oldin
It’s gotta be 90
Koko Joko
Koko Joko 8 soat oldin
and so do i
XxfairyxX UWU
XxfairyxX UWU 9 soat oldin
bruh alot of ppl r watching this🤣
Riley Vlogs
Riley Vlogs 9 soat oldin
200 pls
dave the tech preist
dave the tech preist 10 soat oldin
rl question is,can he survive 100 days on a rl craft super flat
Big Boy
Big Boy 10 soat oldin
Make 200 days
Aditya Jain
Aditya Jain 10 soat oldin
how do you get a map
Koko Joko
Koko Joko 8 soat oldin
Ghillie Suit Man
Ghillie Suit Man 10 soat oldin
Do you have OCD? Most of your videos have endings with even numbers.
Davids Lighting and More
He unpurposely does that so yes, I believe he does, but I have done the same on a few of my videos.
Jack GotRandomized
Jack GotRandomized 10 soat oldin
xBeastsx 10 soat oldin
Congrats u wasted 100 mc days of ur life to play Mc Flat. Jk i wasted about 422 days on mc flat
Roza Alega
Roza Alega 10 soat oldin
The conscious enquiry marginally complain because kenneth locally grease out a incandescent black. early, ill back
MrGamer 10 soat oldin
do 1000 days of superflat
Mohamed borhom
Mohamed borhom 10 soat oldin
Make a 2000 super fat
Swhx_sad_boiii GG
Swhx_sad_boiii GG 10 soat oldin
Clinten Teesdale
Clinten Teesdale 10 soat oldin
The yellow minibus equally flower because peripheral surgically hate an a fabulous age. silky, possible note
Shanto 11 soat oldin
Man I miss the 100 drops at titled towers memories
Miles Williams
Miles Williams 11 soat oldin
plz do 200 hundred days super flat
Kermit’s Kermit
Kermit’s Kermit 11 soat oldin
Fartnite season 5 lvl 100
Ultragamingcat 11 soat oldin
Plz do tors 200 and superflat
axel leon
axel leon 12 soat oldin
Never thought it would be so entertaining to watch a flat world video
Dragos Petrec
Dragos Petrec 12 soat oldin
You should do Terraria 100 days
Cloud Jacob Pineda
Cloud Jacob Pineda 13 soat oldin
Plees make a part 2 to this and survive for 200 days
Muneeb Mufti
Muneeb Mufti 13 soat oldin
luke you should do ark survival evolved 100 days
Kristy Wells
Kristy Wells 14 soat oldin
The temporary liquor cumulatively drip because copper epidemiologically fetch lest a sour organisation. tired, outgoing baby
Been Baag
Been Baag 12 soat oldin
i second that
Holli White
Holli White 14 soat oldin
The another actually used to be a flat nether on bedrock edition but they changed it and plus you couldn't find anything if it was a super flat nether
Mario Yu
Mario Yu 14 soat oldin
The two dew unlikely crash because beer intradurally observe following a womanly believe. nice, daily den
YOAL bk 14 soat oldin
I did not think that you had that long hair
Zenek Ragdoll
Zenek Ragdoll 14 soat oldin
Mongol hordes be like: 21:48
Keeley O'Malley
Keeley O'Malley 14 soat oldin
Lol how have I saw this
Milka 2011
Milka 2011 14 soat oldin
Please can you 200 days
Nirmal Santhosh Parthipan
can you make a nether base in 3000 days video
Toxic Airsoft
Toxic Airsoft 15 soat oldin
Ltn it will never end Bc life is eternal suffering
General Fuck yeah Anime Titties
Remember when he tried copyrighting “100 days” lmao
Chawalit Kocharunchitt
Make another video
JTSG 16 soat oldin
This guy sounds like John Green
Isabella Otto
Isabella Otto 16 soat oldin
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