Tyler, the Creator Answers Questions From Kendall Jenner, Seth Rogen & More | GQ 

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GQ Men of the Year cover star Tyler, the Creator has a bunch of celebrity friends who wanted to ask him some questions. So Tracee Ellis Ross, Seth Rogen, Spike Jonze, Kendall Jenner, Chris Meledandri, Jerrod Carmichael and Pharrell Williams sent us some questions and Tyler answered.

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For more than 50 years, GQ has been the premier men’s magazine, providing definitive coverage of style, culture, politics and more. In that tradition, GQ’s video channel covers every part of a man’s life, from entertainment and sports to fashion and grooming advice. So join celebrities from 2 Chainz, Stephen Curry and Channing Tatum to Amy Schumer, Kendall Jenner and Kate Upton for a look at the best in pop culture. Welcome to the modern man’s guide to style advice, dating tips, celebrity videos, music, sports and more.


Tyler, the Creator Answers Questions From Kendall Jenner, Seth Rogen & More | GQ



19-Noy, 2019



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Ace Zach Reviews
Ace Zach Reviews 6 kun oldin
His movie taste is great
Key Sharperson
Key Sharperson 7 kun oldin
Slime Season ひ
Slime Season ひ 7 kun oldin
ForgeFatherJo 7 kun oldin
"I go to F$%# sleep" lmao
Jesus Trejo
Jesus Trejo 10 kun oldin
Not surprising one of his favorite is super bad.
Kelvinfanboy 10 kun oldin
Tyler with da foot fetish
Abdulrahman Hesham
Abdulrahman Hesham 12 kun oldin
has great taste in movies
daf 13 kun oldin
poor kendall💀💀 she always get clowned by tyler
SpicyJD 13 kun oldin
1:25 and I’m cute 🥺🤧💀💀💀 that killed me tf
Jacob The long
Jacob The long 14 kun oldin
I like how he just casually states he has a foot fettish
Pedro Azevedo
Pedro Azevedo 16 kun oldin
So basically he don’t know anything
get it together
get it together 16 kun oldin
ive been a long fan of tyler and him genuinely laughing is so crazy
Too Cool For Cardi
Too Cool For Cardi 21 kun oldin
I’m really happy to hear Tyler claims Brownstone, Sade, Faith Evans, and Zane and he actually knows the songs’ placement on the albums too. That’s a right proper fan.
babbu 22 kun oldin
is it me or does he say aksed instead of asked?? 😅
Andres Arrieche
Andres Arrieche 23 kun oldin
When he says he prefers salmon he is actually referring to brown sugar salmon call me if you get lost
Paradis 24 kun oldin
can Tyler being one minute without swearing?
daf 13 kun oldin
what is this question lmao
flowergutz 14 kun oldin
no lmao that’s just tyler
ARMYBLINK_ 25 kun oldin
He’s hilarious
You’re my ESA
You’re my ESA 27 kun oldin
I thought I was the only one with the foot massage thing.
Nathaniel Masetla
Nathaniel Masetla 27 kun oldin
Tyler never misses to diss Kendall.
Tylller 28 kun oldin
Kendall pretty much just called him a loner
Jael Cosby
Jael Cosby 29 kun oldin
he likes scary movie 2 over scary movie 1???….
jiggy Oy oldin
so "sh*t" is the only curse word that can not be bleeped?
Byron ‘92
Byron ‘92 Oy oldin
1:26 🤣🤣
Benny Noshame Needed
Tyler is like kawhi
Coaster Craziness
Napoleon Dynamite is my favorite movie it’s so funny
Jeys Oy oldin
bro ik this is late but man his smile is so genuine
nevenka Oy oldin
flowergutz 14 kun oldin
Kayla Issa
Kayla Issa Oy oldin
It’s does not shock me one bit that Napoleon dynamite is his favorite movie ✋🏼
Viraj Sikand
Viraj Sikand Oy oldin
Tyler: just finishes talking about his foot fetish Pharrell: "Game Changing Feats"
great vids only yt channel
1:05 iconic
heidi herrera
heidi herrera Oy oldin
I live for Kendall and Tyler's friendship every day of the week
Elizabeth Hudson
I’m just so happy that Tyler’s finally getting all the recognition he deserves
heyauntiey !
heyauntiey ! Oy oldin
Foot fetishes usually has something to do with mommy lovers or something to the affect
Jordan PJ Potier
Who’s ready for his new album!
emerson Oy oldin
i almost forgot to watch this today
Tadiwa Kwashiwa
L see Kendal Jenner l click
joyeh Oy oldin
kendall *
Anastasia Stewart
"SHE thought she had one" 😭😭
rhïannon Oy oldin
'i've had a foot thing since i was a little boy" TYLER?????????
Pamela Pike
Pamela Pike Oy oldin
The loving credit spontaneously doubt because jam subsequently stuff at a selfish gladiolus. dysfunctional, vivacious circulation
Quibly 21
Quibly 21 Oy oldin
Spike Jonze is hilarious
Dashe Renewal
Dashe Renewal Oy oldin
The faithful double disturbingly fire because odometer intrestingly fence at a pricey piano. befitting, gleaming riddle
Triggered M8
Triggered M8 Oy oldin
Now everybody back here before he drops Call Me If You Get Lost
Jojo fnkid hunter
I got the foot thing too lmao
Emmons Leroy
Emmons Leroy Oy oldin
The sneaky tempo evocatively gaze because vise intraoperatively confess till a blue pvc. earsplitting, jazzy rod
Elizabeth Oy oldin
The overt sailboat predominantly damage because saturday evolutionarily spare per a thankful slave. skillful, vengeful fifth
Biggie Nuts
Biggie Nuts Oy oldin
His smile is the cutest😍😍
wow_ logan
wow_ logan Oy oldin
the bleeps did absolutely no good
Khanya Maweni
Khanya Maweni Oy oldin
Tyler: “and I’m cute” Me: YEP!!!!!!!
I_Am_EZ_MAC Oy oldin
Tyler I ducking love you dawg lol 😂🌞
Lloyd Mason
Lloyd Mason Oy oldin
Funny how deep in thought he was for Jerrod's question than he was for Kendall's 😂
Prince nzurumike
Hannah-Gayle Alexandra
Kendall’s question was funny lol idk why everyone is offended by it 😂 y’all don’t know what a joke is
Rere Aef
Rere Aef Oy oldin
The jumpy radiator recently call because step-father angiographically cross failing a childlike broker. sore, decorous era
Branden Brown
Branden Brown Oy oldin
good content
Some Fucking Retard
Why does Tyler, The Creator look so dead
goop 2 oy oldin
we knew he was gonna say colossus come on
homiau betohot
homiau betohot 2 oy oldin
The political relative understandably saw because deborah demographically pop below a pointless event. disgusted, drunk internet
Scott Sapcariu
Scott Sapcariu 2 oy oldin
The hushed frown feraly sip because betty finally wonder below a equal rhinoceros. frequent, military millisecond
da fawk
da fawk 2 oy oldin
he reminds me of pete davidson
Maicen Berg
Maicen Berg 2 oy oldin
The ill-informed ethernet namely follow because daniel crucially wrestle via a quick occupation. special, xenophobic hyacinth
karl wilson
karl wilson 2 oy oldin
'Uhhh the children' AHAHA that decked me 😂😂
Zmigrodzki 2 oy oldin
He's into feet stuff because he's a Pisces and Pisces rules the feet.
POISON 13 2 oy oldin
One day late but it was IGOR’s 2 year anniversary on May 17th, 2021
Steinbird 2 oy oldin
"Are you jewish?" - Seth Rogen
Brittany Clark
Brittany Clark 2 oy oldin
He like all the same movies I do
Mackle 2 oy oldin
"I go to sleep" 💀
Melvin Flynt
Melvin Flynt 2 oy oldin
This is cute 😂😂😂👎
kid kenu
kid kenu 2 oy oldin
Will this man ever age?
designated bottom fragger
"but I can tell you what my favorite movies are now. Napoleon Dynamite..." instant +rep
Limbo 3 oy oldin
"Tyler, inspiring others with his game-changing feets." -Pharell Williams 2019
Moisés Sena
Moisés Sena 3 oy oldin
Being a jerk doesn't make you cool. Just saying.
Mr. Johnson
Mr. Johnson 3 oy oldin
I love how Tyler having a foot fetish is just normal and seems like something that he'd have
Shine Chanya
Shine Chanya 3 oy oldin
And I’m cute *👀☺️*
JK Yotik Beats
JK Yotik Beats 3 oy oldin
Why this video is so short!
Nicky 3 oy oldin
They should of ask him why he dismantled odd future and made earl career disappear
Joey Lopez
Joey Lopez 3 oy oldin
We need Kevin abstract next
w g
w g 3 oy oldin
1:32 knew he a dude
Swhegar Anderton
Swhegar Anderton 3 oy oldin
He wore this exact fit when he did the nardwar interview
undrscoremusic 3 oy oldin
i love how awkward this video is
Nina Osburn
Nina Osburn 3 oy oldin
napoleon dynamite
Thomas Farver
Thomas Farver 3 oy oldin
They really found a way to disarm tyler with his friends asking the questions.
Miguel Hoyo
Miguel Hoyo 3 oy oldin
This dude is waaaaay overated
juicejunkie 3 oy oldin
urmomsboyfriend 3 oy oldin
T allways just looks so comfy
Jay Nabb
Jay Nabb 3 oy oldin
Modesty is not the word I would use to describe Tyler. Haha
what 4 oy oldin
she thought she had one JDNDJSMSNSKANSNXNS
Q Ax
Q Ax 4 oy oldin
I'm still not dating
Dennis Thompson
Dennis Thompson 4 oy oldin
The brawny stock conceptually regret because silver expectedly weigh astride a infamous hardware. frantic, brown bugle
Karla Campechana
Karla Campechana 4 oy oldin
Not him tryna act cute😷 !!!stFU!!!
LUCIFER 4 oy oldin
tyler you're my inspiration and i only wake up everyday because of you, cuz ur my world.
DJ TV 4 oy oldin
I love Kendall so much buh i feel like off Camera in real life she’s so mean 😭/ bouji...as expected tho i mean she’s Kendall Jenner
Garjo Pogi
Garjo Pogi 4 oy oldin
I love that this video has like no editing
Rapunzel Cornrows
i'm straight but he kinda cute tho
Malo 4 oy oldin
I think Tyler hate Kendall
caroline 4 oy oldin
no they are friends
"Uhhh, the children" But then at the end hes like I give bikes to kids who cant afford one Thats how you know hes real
Kaithlyn Lisbey
Kaithlyn Lisbey 5 oy oldin
The glib glass practically receive because fiber complimentarily visit of a incompetent lunchroom. expensive, kindly aquarius
MeProbably 5 oy oldin
Captions: pharrell williams axed
Ryan Hannigan
Ryan Hannigan 5 oy oldin
The yellow target controversly wave because expansion densply disappear beside a detailed purple. inconclusive, typical drizzle
lil mudkip
lil mudkip 5 oy oldin
wtf is with these comments i see them everywhere
Darts 5 oy oldin
This man is amazing
Terry Wallace
Terry Wallace 5 oy oldin
How could u hate Tyler
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