We Got Mobbed... 

Tom Simons
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This was the craziest week of my life, and it was so much fun. I really hope you enjoy :))
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Music: Eaglewood - Crystal Dalphin (the funky intro song)
Intro Montage Music by Ketxl: soundcloud.com/ketxl
then mainly Nintendo songs lmao



29-Iyl, 2021



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Tom Simons
Tom Simons 17 soat oldin
Tommy Galarian-Slowbro
@Tom Simons try lymigton way more things to do and less annoying school kids
G Gymnast
G Gymnast 16 soat oldin
Before you don’t liek me I am British but also American
G Gymnast
G Gymnast 16 soat oldin
Tommy j absolutely love your videos unlike most people I don’t find you annoying at first that might be becuase I am kinda liek you my friends get mad sometimes becuase I am to loud and I have had people tell ym that they thought I was annoying at first or that they jsut didn’t like me at first so j can relate to you k love your content so much your definitely one of my comfort you tubers and one of my favorites
danI :]
danI :] 16 soat oldin
Soul_less spleef plays
2:45 wilburs face?
LordOfThe Flightless
ahhhh... down south
Pranav gaming op videos
I dare u travel to Karnataka
𝙾𝚔 Bᴀᴅᴅɪᴇ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡
Why do they look like they go to Hogwarts?✨😂😂😂
Bram Steenhoek
Bram Steenhoek 4 soat oldin
Tommy innit meets his audience
Cobblo06 4 soat oldin
They found George
dristawastaken 4 soat oldin
Lucky children. Meanwhile me in Greece: *crying because I can't meet him*
Sarah Oblak
Sarah Oblak 4 soat oldin
“why is it so long?” - tubbo 2021 ahahahahahahah, no context needed.
A Fan Of Retro
A Fan Of Retro 4 soat oldin
Next video: tommy gets the virus.
°•Sleepy tea•°
Hey everyone do you like tommy???? Tommys an Adult next year 😗🤭
TheShortStuff 4 soat oldin
What song is Wilbur singing at 5:25?
Sirawach Tripetchr
Sirawach Tripetchr 4 soat oldin
wait they're go to school? Schools open?!
Suraj Venkataraman
Suraj Venkataraman 4 soat oldin
Damn I want to be in this friend circle so desparetaly.
Ranboo Pog😩🖤🤍
7:31 this the beach they interrupted Ranboos stream for??😳👀😭
GeorgeNotFound.Mp4 4 soat oldin
Honestly if I ever met any of the dsmp members I would just ask for a hug and say Hi and ask for a few photos
Detoxzi 4 soat oldin
Beetle BuGG
Beetle BuGG 4 soat oldin
children bullying americanboo for being ran
Danielli28 4 soat oldin
Blogs like this makes me wanna move to england :D
LightningTWRB 4 soat oldin
ok is it just me or did every make the pog face when you heard Wilbur's new song
WayneWasHere 4 soat oldin
Ranboo: How does That Bird Loom extremely anxious? Weebs: EREN JAEGERR
Ickballgaming 4 soat oldin
This feels like the type of movie where they go around and collect members for their special group.
ceoofann 4 soat oldin
THEY PLAY PIANO SO WELLL UIFNWERFNER aghhhh this is so good tommy
zoOey 4 soat oldin
Tubbo sleeping on the train ❤
Squishy 4 soat oldin
Vixur. 4
Vixur. 4 4 soat oldin
I declare this as comfort blog
Succulent Skull
Succulent Skull 4 soat oldin
say yes to the dress
best part of the vid
@your local crack head you say yes to the dress
your local crack head
I say yes to the dress
Dhruv Keshwala
Dhruv Keshwala 4 soat oldin
Tommy played the Piano way better than I thought tbh
Amante Ericson Bauit
I loved the part when the security guard said pay 5p i thought he was serious for a second
skittish cck
skittish cck 4 soat oldin
this ones my favorite one so far, this was so fun
takywaky 4 soat oldin
i am wearing the same mask as ranboo rn
your local crack head
It's one a clock in the morning??
Okka :D
Okka :D 4 soat oldin
This vid would be good if tommy wasn't in it
Arnav Poddar
Arnav Poddar 4 soat oldin
Why is every single reply to the comments here self promotion
Ewwiott 4 soat oldin
5:17 just realised that’s soft boy, I’m excited now
COLE SIMEON 4 soat oldin
This vlogs are great
Darking 4 soat oldin
Yo ur trending
Becky :p
Becky :p 4 soat oldin
tommy's outfits lately🔥
Raimis Repsys
Raimis Repsys 4 soat oldin
Blixy- 4 soat oldin
I really liked the style of this video Hope yall are doing well!
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way 4 soat oldin
“There’s nothing funny about alcoholism, say yes to the dress” - Tubbo 2021
potatopiez 4 soat oldin
how we all wish we were friends with tommy and the others
Xx-Flower-xX 4 soat oldin
I also have a ferret ( its minx's pet that u saw ) her name is Harley and fun fact they can actually catch a common cold and flu!
Mr Zaytrap
Mr Zaytrap 4 soat oldin
Turbo: you don’t know what’s down there Me: reaper leviathans
imlostjupiter 4 soat oldin
EYY New comfort video!! it's so heartwarming I love it. Thanks you tommy
Koala 4 soat oldin
Koala 4 soat oldin
@ꋪꋬꌦꌦꋬꋊ ꌦꋪꋊ HELLOO
ꋪꋬꌦꌦꋬꋊ ꌦꋪꋊ
Smiltė Sabaliauskaitė
yes for the dress
Hannah W
Hannah W 4 soat oldin
When I seen hobo Johnson playing I immediately got so excited
Ickballgaming 4 soat oldin
Who edits these? Because they do very well.
Rachelle Liano
Rachelle Liano 4 soat oldin
This Is so Epic😎
Alex Untila
Alex Untila 4 soat oldin
Hey stop right there we're both born in 9 April
Ella Hamlin
Ella Hamlin 4 soat oldin
tommy's eyes are the same color as the sea and that is cool i think
haleya lewis
haleya lewis 4 soat oldin
love love this
Sky 03
Sky 03 4 soat oldin
I like the part when George attacked Tommy's eye with a rubber ducky
Hyridium 4 soat oldin
Ah yes, the annoying guy with over 10 mil subs
Casper Sih
Casper Sih 4 soat oldin
7:36 Ranboo needs a life jacket cause hes part enderman
infinity781 4 soat oldin
LMAO, I thought he was serious about the 50p when Tommy was filming
luna's Nightmares
luna's Nightmares 4 soat oldin
I love how well ranboo and tommy and getting along
Phil Kitchen
Phil Kitchen 4 soat oldin
30 secs ago
~Katherine~ 4 soat oldin
Must subscribe!!✌🏽
MALAYSIAKU8212 4 soat oldin
1:04 hotel name: m m m m
samy 4 soat oldin
there is nothing funny about alcoholism. LMFAO
India 4 soat oldin
Realms & Mysteries
Realms & Mysteries 4 soat oldin
Reading My thoughts at 00:16
exhan xai
exhan xai 4 soat oldin
5:37 Yo it’s Wilby Scoot playing the ELECTRIC GUITAR WHATT??? But he’s in his studio doin his thing and Tommy vibin’ to his music is a ✨mood✨ 7:38 : Protective Husband Tubbo mode ✨activated✨ 9:51: Tommy be rockin’ that ✨Aoyoma✨ Hairstyle. :>
Katherine Martinez
Katherine Martinez 4 soat oldin
This video is everything. It made my day so much better, it was a bit shit. Thank you for sharing, keep the vlogs coming
William Brock
William Brock 4 soat oldin
Glanced at the title and thought it said "We Got Mugged"....
Luke Tustiu
Luke Tustiu 5 soat oldin
Wow being popular is awesome
Aphrodite kim
Aphrodite kim 5 soat oldin
Does it ever drive you crazy 8:36
TombeeInnit 5 soat oldin
This is very poggers
Mackenzie Tilt
Mackenzie Tilt 5 soat oldin
I think this vlog was my favorite so far
Chris Gil
Chris Gil 5 soat oldin
i love how he didnt mention ranboo
Callmeamy 5 soat oldin
Thank u so much for the background music
Amalia Teixeira
Amalia Teixeira 5 soat oldin
Please go to france!!!
Khushi Dahiya
Khushi Dahiya 5 soat oldin
I like the edit on this vid ngl
awsomeh Ttv
awsomeh Ttv 5 soat oldin
Ayo soft boy is being worked on
SAKURA SARADA 5 soat oldin
tommy: waking up early ranbow;trying to wake up tommy then go to the pc like nothing happend lol
_Cool 5 soat oldin
Subbed to main this channel !!
_Cool 5 soat oldin
these vlogs are so GOOD amazing!!!!
Lakshya pratap Singh
Tatakae tatakae
evalyn ballesteros
evalyn ballesteros 5 soat oldin
wilburs singing❤️
Inky Clouds
Inky Clouds 5 soat oldin
Tommy got toooo famous, instantly regrets it.
Mic23 5 soat oldin
I want a whole video of tommy and tubbo playing the piano
EclipseLiya 5 soat oldin
My bro got mobbed, whats coming up next?
zopeayxd 5 soat oldin
Tommy: The vlogs are annoying at first- Me: NO THEY MAKE ME AND MY COUSINS DAY! >:)
w1lburwasfound 5 soat oldin
After that and there goes tom He got attacked by British kids And a baby zombie with golden armour to fuck his hardcore up
Stephen - Brawl Stars
0:54 ngl, looks like George did that on purpose by the way he looked at the camera...
Ariz Tayeem Islam
Ariz Tayeem Islam 5 soat oldin
Only Tommy's Editor has seen Ranboo's face excluding Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo, Gogy, Niki.. Nd Etc..
Nouelle Jazzmin
Nouelle Jazzmin 5 soat oldin
Say yes to the dress
Strange Varieties
Strange Varieties 5 soat oldin
Why did Tommy look so much more mature in his intro
duckisgood 5 soat oldin
Techno be punching air rn
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