FIFA 22 | Official Gameplay Reveal | EA Play Spotlight 

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Get your first look at gameplay in the FIFA 22 EA Play Spotlight as the EA SPORTS FIFA development team go in-depth on new next-gen features, powered by HyperMotion technology on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia. Learn more about HyperMotion: x.ea.com/69325

Watch in your preferred language: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGyaa...

FIFA 22 releases October 1, 2021. Pre-order the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition before August 11 and get an untradeable FUT Heroes player from December 1! x.ea.com/69326

--------- Content Featured in the Spotlight ---------
0:00 - Intro
3:52 - HyperMotion Technology
8:20 - Full Team Authentic Motion
10:30 - Tactical A.I.
13:18 - Kinectic Air Battles
14:23 - Composed Ball Control
17:25 - Player Humanization
20:57 - Goalkeeper Rewrite
22:56 - True Ball Physics
24:18 - Explosive Sprint
25:34 - Powered by Feedback

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20-Iyl, 2021



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Bless Dhaura
Bless Dhaura 54 daqiqa oldin
player career
Reia Kl
Reia Kl 4 soat oldin
As long as skill moves can be abused like it's a fighter game, a 3 player midfield is OP over a 2 player midfield and the possession style gameplay isn't improved I won't buy the same game again.
BeerLicious 18 soat oldin
I'm pretty sure people who never bought Fifa in recent times are sayin "This game looks nothing new & even the last time's ". These are proper normies or trynna act cool dudes. There's a difference between criticising & blindly criticising. I didn't buy fifa since 2019 but I did play fifa 21 on my friend's PS & there were significant differences to see like the ball physics , player movements & attention to details. The game needs improvements in many aspects like on ball movement of players , Skilling attributes , tactical advancement & other stuff. With 11 Vs 11 Motion catching , I'm sure it'll be something better.
MINI SINCE Mobilador
MINI SINCE Mobilador 19 soat oldin
Já ouviram falar do Golden manager? Ressuscitem esse jogo pfvr 🥺🥺
EA Love you from 🇧🇩
The Herd Brothers
Next season for fifa 23 can you add the Scottish championship
Nonso O
Nonso O Kun oldin
Already pre ordered my fifa22, cant wait to play on ps5
Umar Kayyam
Umar Kayyam Kun oldin
But yours midfielder still watching the defender in defence.
abomination Kun oldin
Me who is still waiting for an other journey mode
ogfddeeesd Kun oldin
David Davor
David Davor Kun oldin
Is that Fifa 22 presentation or Fifa 21?
7ghy.6 Kun oldin
The problem with FIFA 22 is that they put everything in the new generation, and in the old generation they did not put into a few things, but they can put these features in some devices such as Xbox One S, PlayStation Slim and PlayStation Pro, but unfortunately they did not think about these simple things that could be made for them A lot of money, but they are idiots and think only of promoting their product for the new generation devices and making money 💰
Bedstuy Chris
Bedstuy Chris Kun oldin
Nicochan Kun oldin
From what I've seen they did kinda change the physics to look more realistic but thats it .
houssein alahmad
Yash Tyagi
Yash Tyagi Kun oldin
Hey what's Up Money Suckers Im Stiill Playing Fifa 18.🙂🙃
Brown man
Brown man Kun oldin
the commentators sounds like scrap get back the old ones dam, Holland Smith Majin Tyler💔😓❤
Michelangelo Kun oldin
Michelangelo Kun oldin
AshxrFN 2 kun oldin
Please EA sports could u add latest trends to the tracklist pls pls pls pls pls
Thesoldier 2 kun oldin
Put El Salvador national team
Jeff Bernard
Jeff Bernard 2 kun oldin
Why N'golo kante height 5,6 and antonio Rudiger height 6,3 have the same size
Isaias 2 kun oldin
Fifa17 1.5
Fk Saad
Fk Saad 2 kun oldin
EA : hey new sweat technology only $59.99
Tobias Rüther
Tobias Rüther 2 kun oldin
Jake Portelli
Jake Portelli 2 kun oldin
Ea is garbage 😂😂😂
Jake Portelli
Jake Portelli 2 kun oldin
Fifa is trash 🗑️🗑️
Jake Portelli
Jake Portelli 2 kun oldin
Fifa is trash🗑️
Reinaldo farias
Reinaldo farias 2 kun oldin
I'm predicting a running game with unstoppable dribbling.
lojkas 8
lojkas 8 2 kun oldin
4000 new animations?God save us
J Nehar
J Nehar 2 kun oldin
Tsatsi Tshabalala
Tsatsi Tshabalala 2 kun oldin
The game would start 5 o'clock and finishes 5 o'clock... The sun won't move an inch from the start of the game to the last minute of it... Do something about that
Danish Zulkifli
Danish Zulkifli 2 kun oldin
Fifa is improving so much more
j b
j b 2 kun oldin
the midfielders still look like they do absolutely nothing defensively
Dimas Febrian
Dimas Febrian 2 kun oldin
Please, how is my old account already on the google play link, how come the download again just disappeared
Sam Ensink
Sam Ensink 2 kun oldin
Why is everyone mocking? I think it looks good
Jack Carter
Jack Carter 2 kun oldin
Buy fifa 17 then, much cheaper and the same game
Preshton Martin
Preshton Martin 2 kun oldin
I wanna see VOLTA football
Jayden Ohemeng
Jayden Ohemeng 2 kun oldin
Fifa need to update sancho's hair, beard, shooting(he has 74 shooting)and pace 🌟
Meer Memon
Meer Memon 2 kun oldin
Im not interested in this. where are the career mode changes?
Dylan 2 kun oldin
Not enough dislikes
solly773 2 kun oldin
FIFA 22 and the goalie is still useless!
fraudulentsoap 2 kun oldin
Alternate Title: We updated the kits so now give us money.
xXBereShadowXx 2 kun oldin
I still see no reason to change my 2020 to 2022 fifa game
Afonso Sousa
Afonso Sousa 2 kun oldin
Humphrey kajigili
Humphrey kajigili 2 kun oldin
Guys please we need fifa in mobile devices since you shutdown fifa ultimate team 16 there is no like that game fifa mobile it's a trash
Senaxg 2 kun oldin
meanwhile on pc and switch Fifa 22:Garbage Edition
Goncalves 3 kun oldin
Stop buyng Fifa its not worth it
Boneless Cheese
Boneless Cheese 3 kun oldin
This game looks similar to something i know Arhhh its just a copy paste of fifa 21 with some new useless things
Ergys Mekshi
Ergys Mekshi 3 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂 every year they gas you up and all that happens is they just force you to either pay to win or don't bother
Paolo Kennedy
Paolo Kennedy 3 kun oldin
Fifa passing is an absolute joke sort that out
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 3 kun oldin
18:22 when did kante become this tall💀😂😂
Funinkosi Kheswa
Funinkosi Kheswa 3 kun oldin
I love FIFA, hypocrites come and criticise here but turn their backs and go buy the game anyway.
taproot12 3 kun oldin
NO EA, NO! Bare minimum changes, no actual improvements to any single player modes and still no cross play. UT spankers completely ruined this entire game. Shame on everyone who still supports this series.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 3 kun oldin
Wow FIFA 22 Amazing 🎮
الركني fM .
الركني fM . 3 kun oldin
Poov Poov
Poov Poov 3 kun oldin
Fifa 22 and
Afif Baihaqi
Afif Baihaqi 3 kun oldin
I hope in the fifa 22 they put all countries national team
Danny Sykotic
Danny Sykotic 3 kun oldin
Obviously not showing the actual gameplay because NOTHING has or will change
Giovanni Giorgio
Giovanni Giorgio 3 kun oldin
18:23 Do u know that Kante is A BIT shorter than Rudiger?
The Mellortron
The Mellortron 3 kun oldin
The shot at 5:40 is the most unrealistic animation I’ve ever seen in my life
SWITCHHANZO4ME 3 kun oldin
Pavard 2018?
The phong droicheat
change two clubs of serie a Piemonte Calcio - Juventus Roma FC - As Roma
Guna Kalai
Guna Kalai 3 kun oldin
RIP FIFA 22, if there is no next gen for PC.
Florin Boitoru
Florin Boitoru 3 kun oldin
New brands,but when You play after a few updates its the same like fifa 19,20 and 21,disaapointed by FIFA
Vixsu _
Vixsu _ 3 kun oldin
I’m hoping the A.I actually make an effort to intercept the ball when it literally rolls right next to their foot
Nchuzi Ikachana
Nchuzi Ikachana 3 kun oldin
Tas Mania
Tas Mania 3 kun oldin
Alter niemals MEHR EA P2W Spiele !! Reine Zeitverschwendung und Geld Verschwendung !!! GELDGEILE EA FIRMA !!1 Scheiss auf Fifa !!! Pro Evo ist GARANTIERT BESSER.
Karan Singh
Karan Singh 3 kun oldin
A man names great midfielders but forgets about Scholes, get in the bin🗑
Thorn 3 kun oldin
Fifa 17 V4
Jr. March 99
Jr. March 99 3 kun oldin
Wow FIFA 22 Amazing 🎮
Alonso Arreola
Alonso Arreola 3 kun oldin
i swear this game isn't fair at all
Alonso Arreola
Alonso Arreola 3 kun oldin
They reward you more with stadium bs then actual players
Alonso Arreola
Alonso Arreola 3 kun oldin
change pay to win on FUT
Alonso Arreola
Alonso Arreola 3 kun oldin
so more pay to win? how can you guys give in like that.
Alcántra Bernado
Alcántra Bernado 3 kun oldin
Why aren't they using any Chelsea players to promote the game? They definitely earned it.
wilmer mendoza
wilmer mendoza 3 kun oldin
Bring back morrow for fifa 22?
Essence 3 kun oldin
Sammy The Bird
Sammy The Bird 3 kun oldin
15:24 : looks around for respond "yeah" "yeah" "yeah" Me: Nope
Sammy The Bird
Sammy The Bird 3 kun oldin
tbh I thought they let players play real games with tracking suits since fifa 14 ... how disappointing. I am so proud of myself, never buying a fifa over the last 6 years
WasabiJones 3 kun oldin
make the game play faster
WasabiJones 3 kun oldin
it looks exactly the same as fifa 21
Dima Sirbu
Dima Sirbu 4 kun oldin
They look like anime
Michael Wil
Michael Wil 4 kun oldin
Let's not kid ourselves, this is going to look feel and play exactly the same as the last 2 or 3 FIFA's
doliio volay
doliio volay 4 kun oldin
"How much do u listen to your fans" "Our what? What are fans? The only thing we see is walking pots of gold..."
Q8groot 4 kun oldin
Fifa is coming in 1/10😉😉😉😉
Tsaliteam 2009
Tsaliteam 2009 4 kun oldin
Everyone: where is platini we need him as an icon Me: where is robinho and romario, EA DO SOMETHING
LeBoogieman 4 kun oldin
Never buy games from EA. If you have a problem with account recovery on origin, or sudden ban for no reason, the support will ignore you and instamark as resolved. Up vote this comment plz, im having my way of revenge by internet reviews.
Raúl León
Raúl León 4 kun oldin
EA Sports why you don't create a beach soccer video game. I would like because nobody has created a recent one.
Alex Costa
Alex Costa 4 kun oldin
Working there for over several years give us career online
Asy Raff
Asy Raff 4 kun oldin
Just for ps5 not for ps4
Gabriel Ueslen
Gabriel Ueslen 4 kun oldin
I hope FIFA 22 Mobile is also very good
Gabriel Ueslen
Gabriel Ueslen 4 kun oldin
fifa 22 looks like it's going to be great the trailer was fantastic i really liked the trailer hopefully the game is very good congratulations EA sport for the work
Clifford Morris Asefuah
Bring back FIFA 17 penalty intelligence and system✔✔✔✔
Is it me or the game actually looks worse?? I had the feeling I'm watching a fifa 99 presentation. 😅
Brown Will
Brown Will 4 kun oldin
Almost 3K comments and for the past 8 mins I've been scrolling everyone of these comments are Negative... Gotta do better EA..
muhammed waqas
muhammed waqas 4 kun oldin
you should learn from your old fifa
Mooemoney 4 kun oldin
18:22 Kante is 6'2 how realistic 😁😅ihaven't bought a FIFA game for years still play FIFA 17....
Tea enjoyer
Tea enjoyer 4 kun oldin
Fifa bad 47k likes Proceed to buy the game
ICONICBOY 4 kun oldin
why so many dislikes
fabs1887 4 kun oldin
"How much do u listen to your fans" "Our what? What are fans? The only thing we see is walking pots of gold..."
Lihle Mofenyi Msiza
Ea Why Don't you put this hypermotion and features on Nintendo u need to realize that this is not only a great chance to make some money but stop treating us like foools
Isaac Bottrell
Isaac Bottrell 4 kun oldin
Bored and tired of waiting for pro clubs to evolve in fifa 😴
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