Milan 0-3 Inter | Inter Go Four Points Clear with HUGE Derby Win! | Serie A TIM 

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Inter breezed past Milan in the derby to go four points clear at the top of the table thanks to Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martinez! | Serie A TIM
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21-Fev, 2021



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Jay Cartwright
Jay Cartwright 13 daqiqa oldin
Lukaku is very much underrated right now.
Two Steps From Hel
Two Steps From Hel 9 soat oldin
I hope Inter get title
Kredential Productions
Any chance of some feedback on this? uzflow.info/www/s69o0dLBmndguXw/video
One G
One G 12 soat oldin
inter udah sejuk di pucuk!
Gerald Gumbo
Gerald Gumbo 15 soat oldin
Klára Bernady
Klára Bernady 15 soat oldin
Inter forever
Shorry Mackintosh
Shorry Mackintosh 17 soat oldin
Guys plz be honest if you watch this highlights more than once... Let's gather here..... But wait Handanovic really.. 😒
Sean Ade
Sean Ade 20 soat oldin
lukaku a beast
Dennis Bartolotta
Dennis Bartolotta 21 soat oldin
Forza Inter👍👍bye bye Yuve
Abuzer Kadayıf
Abuzer Kadayıf Kun oldin
ibo senin bennn
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Kun oldin
Samir Handanovic showed why he has been Inter's mots important player for the last decade with those amazing saves in the 2nd half.
Y Joo
Y Joo Kun oldin
Who was man of this match?
Çağrı Doğan
Çağrı Doğan Kun oldin
Lukaku is the emperor of the city Milan
Lorenzo Kun oldin
There is only one True King in Milan and that's Lukaku
haffy rahman
haffy rahman Kun oldin
I dare any1 to name a better strike force then lukaku and martinez
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Kun oldin
Muhd Afiq
Muhd Afiq Kun oldin
handanovic ✋✋✋
KRQ11 Kun oldin
I’m glad romagnoli is bench👍👍👍.
Faze Alex
Faze Alex Kun oldin
Handanovic: 10/10 Lukaku: 10/10 Perisic: 8.5/10 Martinez: 9/10
Den Pro
Den Pro Kun oldin
москов сити
Andrew Agbedor
Andrew Agbedor Kun oldin
The name of the commentator ??
Enzo Mon Chou
Enzo Mon Chou Kun oldin
We all know Handanovic saved this game from becoming a draw. No way Donnarumma could've saved those attempts point blank.
Ko setiaOne
Ko setiaOne Kun oldin
raisha madrin
raisha madrin Kun oldin
Stay safe
Ömer Faruk
Ömer Faruk Kun oldin
Jason Makoso
Jason Makoso Kun oldin
Lukaku is en beast😱
Жанибек Калышев
Ibrahimovich look Milan O Inter 3 😄😄😄
Armando Ordonez
Armando Ordonez Kun oldin
United will soon buy Lukaku back for 150 million
Pakde Sarwito
Pakde Sarwito Kun oldin
poor Milan. still not learnt from mistakes after years
N.F CoffeBreak
N.F CoffeBreak Kun oldin
Maurice Boyd
Maurice Boyd Kun oldin
You can stop many thing but you can’t stop....
Alvaro Siregar
Alvaro Siregar Kun oldin
Milan out
🖤💙Forza inter🖤💙.
Adam Rocker
Adam Rocker 2 kun oldin
Пред богом здесь лежат пудовые мешки,
Dave Sayer
Dave Sayer 2 kun oldin
I know lukaku would be great watching him from Pro League club Anderlecht in 2009, from then I say to everyone this man would become world best my idol biggest fan of lukaku from jamaica
Dodod Hermanu
Dodod Hermanu 2 kun oldin
As If Donarumma Goes To INTER become successor for Handanovic.... I hope So...
denua26 2 kun oldin
Ibra idiot, despertaste a la best Lukaku
Islam Dz
Islam Dz 2 kun oldin
Forza inter forza Ismaël ben Naser 💖🇩🇿🌷
Асылбек Есмагамбетов
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 2 kun oldin
Fifa needs to upgrade Lukaku’s speed
Martin Rossoneri
Martin Rossoneri 2 kun oldin
Milan was Bad in First half, second was way better, But Inter was Fresher Had More Power. Cause they only Play serieA no CL, no Cup, no EL... big difference, Milan was half a year on Top of Serie A, lets Inter have Some Weeks there Before we get back to Top :-) Forza Milan !
m&m 2 kun oldin
Great Lukaku AND Lautaro, don't caryin barça you have Gerard Piqué 🤣🤣🤪🤪🤣
Amala 1908
Amala 1908 2 kun oldin
godo ancora
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 2 kun oldin
Inter well done guys
Monica Virginia
Monica Virginia 2 kun oldin
Ot shuma, krikov, siluetov v temnote…
Victor Suknovalenko
I love Martinez 😁
Nikita Mirzani
Nikita Mirzani 2 kun oldin
konten gokills: 1. uzflow.info/www/2mOY1JbaZI9lymc/video Pidio aaahhh aahhh 2.uzflow.info/www/2peIm9iqrK1-k4Q/video Makan bulu anu 3.uzflow.info/www/rod52NfVi6ij3Iw/video Tiktok buka baju challenge . . .
Debra Melissa
Debra Melissa 2 kun oldin
Пока звезда не стала черной...
Yunis Ayma
Yunis Ayma 2 kun oldin
Haydi inter
Daniel Sch
Daniel Sch 2 kun oldin
Rome, Romelu - Rome, Romelu - Rome, Romelu - Romelu Lukaku! What a beast!
Abdullah Jamil
Abdullah Jamil 2 kun oldin
2:36 briliant
Ιων Δραγουμης
Haidanovic super performance
Ghost ranger
Ghost ranger 2 kun oldin
Equivilant of a knock out for big rom
Hugo L
Hugo L 2 kun oldin
Os.14 2 kun oldin
Handanovic was on the zone 🔥
Faiz Phadione
Faiz Phadione 2 kun oldin
Mau ngasih tau kalo bulan puasa 44 hari lagi Yang rindu bulan ramadhan like. #dindingghaibchannel
Stunaldo 2 kun oldin
It’s so weird watching Lukaku play now. Where were these performances when he was at United? At United he could barely dribble the ball and had the worst first touch I’ve seen in a top player, and now he’s banging in the goals. Can’t even blame his teammates he just massively flopped at United.
Stunaldo 2 kun oldin
@Leatile Motsheja sorry bro got to completely disagree with you on this one. He built up far too much muscle before he came to United so he ended up unfit and unable to perform at the required level. He would just sit at the 6 yard line and expect tap ins every game. Now you see him running and players, creating chances for others. That’s nothing to do with teammates, that’s him slimming down and putting the effort in, in a less pressured environment compared to United.
Leatile Motsheja
Leatile Motsheja 2 kun oldin
He didn't flop at United,United barely created chances that time
AndikaMG 2 kun oldin
Kaayire Nana Boateng
Inter well done guys
Tayudi Saputra
Tayudi Saputra 3 kun oldin
saat ini liga italia lebih menarik dari liga lainnya ...salam dri interristi
Made Dedi Raharja
Made Dedi Raharja 3 kun oldin
Grande Internazionale Milano F.C!!!
Christian WAG
Christian WAG 3 kun oldin
jcaique 3 kun oldin
GRANDE JOGO NESTE LINK: uzflow.info/www/l22c26-UYK2flZY/video
Ellitz who?
Ellitz who? 3 kun oldin
Man utd v Ac milan
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 3 kun oldin
Thank you lukaku
Islem Kerbouche
Islem Kerbouche 3 kun oldin
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 3 kun oldin
It is nice to Internazionale back at the top. They have really rebuilt with some great purchases. And whoever says Conte is not a great coach has never watched football.
Jan Larsen
Jan Larsen 3 kun oldin
Si Si Eriksen
Kahzuno 3 kun oldin
Lukaku beat Ibrahimovic
Nabeel Muhammed
Nabeel Muhammed 3 kun oldin
Wow wat a inch perfect assist that was 😍😍 The most underrated player on earth
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 3 kun oldin
sajid bashir
sajid bashir 3 kun oldin
Da Realman
Da Realman 3 kun oldin
Great performance by Inter, let's see more of those from Italy. Great football.
ZOZO only
ZOZO only 3 kun oldin
proud of you guys 👏👏👏
Mariano Jimenez
Mariano Jimenez 3 kun oldin
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 3 kun oldin
Congrats Inter👏
Khaerul Rizal
Khaerul Rizal 3 kun oldin
Forza inter
King Kunte
King Kunte 3 kun oldin
A win for Inter A greater win for Lukaku and a slap in the face for arrogant Zlatan and his corny comments
gaston daniel jojot
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 3 kun oldin
great win for inter but the league isn't over yet. inter is going to have to be consistent in order to win the league.
Alice Edsitty
Alice Edsitty 3 kun oldin
4 POINTS!!!!!!!!!
Donald Beria
Donald Beria 3 kun oldin
World Of Football
World Of Football 3 kun oldin
next challenge man u
Fardan Fianto
Fardan Fianto 3 kun oldin
Aku lihat 3 jam lalu dulu tapi aku jrg komen
Nengneiphal Haokip
Nengneiphal Haokip 3 kun oldin
3:40 that what I call inch perfect
Nengneiphal Haokip
Nengneiphal Haokip 3 kun oldin
Sorry Ibra
SOKOL 770 3 kun oldin
Iron Dong
Iron Dong 3 kun oldin
MBE channelz
MBE channelz 3 kun oldin
Lukaku seems very talent
Raghwender Rai
Raghwender Rai 3 kun oldin
Lukaku don't make angry ibrahimovic he can do anything 😎
xenofloss 3 kun oldin
I’d never thought i would see Milan and inter fighting for the title. This whole decade has been Juventus.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 3 kun oldin
What a performance by the Inter team. They would absolutely deserve the title.
J Money
J Money 3 kun oldin
Anthony James
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Florzy Alex
Florzy Alex 4 kun oldin
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novak kovac
novak kovac 4 kun oldin
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Pascal Chigbo 4 kun oldin
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Jules Tjamak
Jules Tjamak 4 kun oldin
great win for inter but the league isn't over yet. inter is going to have to be consistent in order to win the league.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 3 kun oldin
Samir Handanovic! Forza Inter Milan
Isaiah Ford
Isaiah Ford 4 kun oldin
Bolongoli you can’t stop the shine
Rosie Channel
Rosie Channel 4 kun oldin
Lukaku like, Ibra coment
Crazymagician 333
Crazymagician 333 4 kun oldin
Elkan Zilkan
Elkan Zilkan 4 kun oldin
Milan end 6 place end the season
Enilson Rodrigues
Enilson Rodrigues 4 kun oldin
Tyrone Powell
Tyrone Powell 4 kun oldin
😮💥WOW..Inter Milan's, Goalkeeper literally" Pulled out the stops. Spectacular!! Looks like he made the difference by completely shutting AC, OUT!
Jonathanzinho 710
Jonathanzinho 710 4 kun oldin
Vamoooo inter carajo Lukaku y martinez son una gran dupla
5 Minute Craft
5 Minute Craft 4 kun oldin
Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment..,,
Yoga Folara
Yoga Folara 4 kun oldin
Wow uzflow.info/www/s4CoytXWd6xi2og/video
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