Russia unveils next-generation stealth fighter jet 'The Checkmate' | AFP 

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A new next-generation Sukhoi stealth jet fighter dubbed "The Checkmate" is unveiled at the MAKS biennial airshow outside of Moscow. Manufacturer Rostec describes the aircraft as a light single-engine fighter jet that incorporates "innovative solutions" including artificial intelligence.

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20-Iyl, 2021



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QAnon Exposed
QAnon Exposed 3 soat oldin
More Junk
David Zhabin
David Zhabin 2 kun oldin
Russian war tech is amazing!
David Zhabin
David Zhabin 2 kun oldin
When was the last time UK created a military plane? I'm out to Russia. In case a global conflict starts - we gonna be well protected.
Trinity Phillips
Trinity Phillips 3 kun oldin
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Michael Greenfield
Michael Greenfield 3 kun oldin
Its already obsolete. Stay Turned
Yunior Alcala
Yunior Alcala 3 kun oldin
Is a Russian plain. One has to wonder if it can fly.
I am from India 🇮🇳 our friendship never breaks down
icervoid q
icervoid q 4 kun oldin
See this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_between_U.S._states_and_sovereign_states_by_GDP I don't see Rusia !
Rick James
Rick James 4 kun oldin
And this is what they want you to see, imagine what they have got under the table 🛸🛸
Jackson Lee
Jackson Lee 5 kun oldin
Somebody stole the blueprints for the Boeing X32
Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane 5 kun oldin
Look similar to F35s.
Kenneth Hawley
Kenneth Hawley 5 kun oldin
A rather unconvincing mock-up at best.
PHILIP REEDER 5 kun oldin
YF-23 tail, YF-37 nose and F-35 body and cockpit.
The KosH Plays
The KosH Plays 6 kun oldin
Jeremy Gong
Jeremy Gong 6 kun oldin
It looks so damn ugly...
Eirfan Khan
Eirfan Khan 6 kun oldin
congrats from 🇵🇰
Abhirup Roy
Abhirup Roy 6 kun oldin
This is merely a large toy 😂 ... It is still a far fetched dream. Neither Russia has economy to fund the R&D nor they have fully functional stable technology demonstration vehicle for 360 degree stealth aircraft. So, chill. This is just a good looking toy, to allure riches to afford the cost of making, which Russians can't do on their own. 😘
kenter Shackle
kenter Shackle 5 kun oldin
And F35 is fully funded by USA ?. C'on, Russia has help your country a lot being independent to freely use yr military hardware anytime /anyway u like. Rather than hv to ask the source code everytime ya need to arm ya missle.🤭
Entropy of Principles
It look like handy-hammer self made copy of F-35, maybe the fabrication is not like as USAs workshops, were original F-35 is made, hope it able to not fall from the sky. ....and the engine ? The other “stealty” SU-57 is still not operational, because of lack of engine, the engine is still not operational, same question to this brand new “check-mate”.
Wolf Messing
Wolf Messing 6 kun oldin
Place 1000 in Kaliningrad and Russia completely dominates Air Superiority in all of Europe.... 2800km range... Mach2.2...Kaliningrad-London 20min....Berlin-5min...Paris7min....CCHECKMATE👆👆👆
Wolf Messing
Wolf Messing 6 kun oldin
Place 1000 in Cuba and you dominate all of the USA!!!! 1000 of Checkmates equipped with 4 nukes each.. Think.... CHECKMATE 👆 👆 👆
Wolf Messing
Wolf Messing 6 kun oldin
Start of fast production of fully automated fighting drones.... This will be the Alpha Fighter 4 years to come ... No other drone will be able to match the sheer loss this plane/drone will inflict... Swarms of Checkmates will obliterate any country... Not defences alone, any country that possess sufficient numbers can complete Air Superiority in "1 MOVE"
s u p h o m i e
s u p h o m i e 6 kun oldin
I'll eat cement if they manage to produce half of the jets they ordered
A A 6 kun oldin
0:32, Aircraft Unmanned Version, so that means a couple pilots but a lot of "drone" swarms under their control.
Nic M3
Nic M3 6 kun oldin
Cant wait this super weapon use in war of world 3 between Rusian vs Nato group. Its will be epic war that they will kill each other on the battlefield.
Maks G.
Maks G. 7 kun oldin
just another fake...
Alex Sobolev
Alex Sobolev 7 kun oldin
Another pos from mother Russia...
Paul Howden
Paul Howden 7 kun oldin
It's already out if date.
Biddy Boy
Biddy Boy 7 kun oldin
Much LOLs from UK
Gar Bennett
Gar Bennett 7 kun oldin
It's a bit like women....Nice to look at, but that's about it!
Biddy Boy
Biddy Boy 7 kun oldin
Production variants will be named after famous North American Indians from history. The first variant (scheduled to fly in 2035) will be called the "$h1tting Bull."
MINA RYU 7 kun oldin
Euro : Oh my god
Sergio Soto
Sergio Soto 7 kun oldin
Cuando vuele me avisan!!
tromiverto 7 kun oldin
Российские телесериалы это самое страшное что может быть
Cool Breeze 2.0
Cool Breeze 2.0 7 kun oldin
"Russia unveils a prototype that will never go into large scale production."
jack sandel
jack sandel 3 kun oldin
This was specifically desgined for mass production, it will literally be the Mig-21 of the 21st century.
Lal Ramliana
Lal Ramliana 5 kun oldin
We shall see.Amidst all the sanctions thrown at it by USA, the Russian economy is still doing fairly good (not great though) for them.(economy shrinks by Covid19 is another thing). So,you never know what the future will play out.
kenter Shackle
kenter Shackle 5 kun oldin
Does it got anything to do with sanctions ; anyone trying to buy Russian military equipment will be sanctioned? Is this rule still enforced ?
PHILIP REEDER 5 kun oldin
They're good about that. Terrific engineers. But "No Rubles, No, uh, Ruble -Roger-ski..."
Min Bajunid
Min Bajunid 7 kun oldin
haters gonna say, can it fly?
iGhost 7 kun oldin
How will it take for China to steal the design
Power Beard
Power Beard 7 kun oldin
Зачем? А важнее- нахуz?
NeoPsychosis 1567
NeoPsychosis 1567 7 kun oldin
One Trick Pony
One Trick Pony 7 kun oldin
And the US has already flown its Gen6 prototype. Checkmate Владимир Владимирович.
AawwwhhhhHHHHH DI kami naniniwala dyan hahahaha joke 😂😂😂
mehmet fateh
mehmet fateh 7 kun oldin
Now US will feel bad about this the name is mocking at them
ace aqui
ace aqui 7 kun oldin
Reminds me of a sleeker x-32
ZAFAR NAZAR 7 kun oldin
Respect ❤️
Arsan Teddi
Arsan Teddi 7 kun oldin
Арчибальд Ганджубасович
Оно летает или плавает?
Edera Minghi
Edera Minghi 7 kun oldin
Wow che bello !!!!!!! Un' astronave! !!!! Sembra uscito da un videogame! !!!! Bellissimo caccia !!!!!! Fortunati i piloti !!!!👍👍👍👏👏👏
itsBruhYT 7 kun oldin
Checkmate pilot when he killed one US f-35: *GET CHECKMATE'D*
Christ Is God
Christ Is God 7 kun oldin
By the time this plane gets built, if it ever does, the F35 will be replaced by the next gen already.
HandyAds_info 7 kun oldin
Before soon we will need no pilots inside the aircraft. The pilots are nothing but a hindrance limiting the fighter planes to only 9Gs.
1commentking 7 kun oldin
Fake news, cant see any jet.
1commentking 7 kun oldin
@AFP News Agency No sure who is levelling who?
AFP News Agency
AFP News Agency 7 kun oldin
Hello 1commentking, I'm sorry to hear that! Are you sure you've watched the video as the jet is shown throughout? Thanks
Le roi arouf
Le roi arouf 7 kun oldin
Respect to russia from france🇫🇷❤🇷🇺
Mi 7 kun oldin
lol next russian fake jet )))
Craven Morehead
Craven Morehead 7 kun oldin
Looks pretty American to me
BrianB 7 kun oldin
The face of an X-32 the ass of an F-35. That by definition is a butterface
CyclingVlogsRus 7 kun oldin
The way I see it: as Russia completely failed to secure the international sales of Su-57 (even India, the most loyal buyer of russian weaponry, refused to order the jet claiming "it's not a 5gen fighter") - Russia decided to palp the demand on something that can be described as low-cost F-35 in hope to get some money. To do so - they created a highly detailed mockup and carried a pompous presentation. Of course it won't be any competitor to F-35, not ever - but as a low-cost 5 gen fighter under $40M per unit - for poor and authoritatian regimes that cannot acquire F-35 - the project may very well be feasible. There is J-31 though, but Sukhoi seems fare more advanced. Potential buyers are Algeria, Venezuela, Turkey, DPRK, Cuba, Syria, Myanmar, maybe some african and latin american countries. Su-75 is unlikely to enter service with russian air force - Russia has no need for a short-range light single-engine fighter. Too large territory.
Lucas Tekkan
Lucas Tekkan 6 kun oldin
@edca poik Projecting much ? I will repeat, who exactly said the F-35 is an awful platform ? What's you authority on the subject ?
Lucas Tekkan
Lucas Tekkan 6 kun oldin
@edca poik What subject ? Let me see, you read an article at Forbes saying the air force admitted the F-35 has failed ? Again, what authority you have to dictate the F-35 as bad plane ? I'm pretty sure you aren't an engineer, and if you are, you didn't work on the F-35 program
Lucas Tekkan
Lucas Tekkan 6 kun oldin
@edca poik awful F-35 ? Who said the F-35 was awful ? Are you a pilot ?
One Trick Pony
One Trick Pony 7 kun oldin
Is this the threatening new air superiority weapon Славянский Суперфайтер "Сукаблять"? 🤣😂🤣
One Trick Pony
One Trick Pony 7 kun oldin
Oooo...checkmate. Such dominating. Such scary.
One Trick Pony
One Trick Pony 7 kun oldin
@edca poik scarier than godzilla. It's a clear checkmate to the evil west. Game over.
Typical Human
Typical Human 7 kun oldin
Oh look, another bad copy of an f35 😂
Pria Keren
Pria Keren 7 kun oldin
Always one step behind USA.
YTN00b 7 kun oldin
China probably will copy the design.
Arup Bose
Arup Bose 7 kun oldin
F35 wont come out of its hanger now out of fear!
sean 7 kun oldin
Its a checkmate against the f35
Ritesh Joshi_RAGNAR
Le China: ctrl C + ctrl V.
Spy Venom YT
Spy Venom YT 7 kun oldin
Make 1000 more. You can’t beat F-22.
Pedro Walter
Pedro Walter 7 kun oldin
Rusia just getting started a 5 gen jet when the USA is in 6 gen already!!
Юрий Суроп
Модель из картона ?
L P 8 kun oldin
Why Checkmate why not a Russian sounding name. Just my opinion
Василий Обуховский
Su 57 is still in development , only few is in air force. And now another money sucker , and maybe in 20 years it will be ready for real combat.
mdnasrulloh 8 kun oldin
AB2LA 8 kun oldin
Idiots 🤣🤣🤣 it is made of wood 😂😂😂 How about Su-57 with a lot of problems???
Nephilim ivritt
Nephilim ivritt 8 kun oldin
Russia probably bought the tech off the traitors Hunter or Beijing Joe Biden
Joe Soap
Joe Soap 8 kun oldin
You mean they unveiled a fibreglass mock up just like us Brits did with the Tempest. Going to take a lot of Roubles to get either of them actually flying.
Old Pirate
Old Pirate 8 kun oldin
Another YF-23 copy.
nerkizas100 8 kun oldin
SUBIKASH GHOSH 8 kun oldin
Jeez ... That would be surely in 🇮🇳 India's arsenal for sure in coming days. Piece of stealth.
Yogesh prasad Gadge
Shayad Bahut dino baad aaye ya phir nhi bhi kyuki India is developing it's own 5th Gen fighter. DRDO 😎 Waise abhi tak toh s400 hi nhi aaya 😂
Shashwat Shrivastava
Seems like Russian YF-23
Chuan Yong
Chuan Yong 8 kun oldin
Russia is good in fighter jets
Mike s
Mike s 8 kun oldin
The F-35ski
Smiling Tiger
Smiling Tiger 8 kun oldin
What A Beauty.👌👌 Can't Wait to see it in Sky. 💙 From 🇮🇳
Biddy Boy
Biddy Boy 7 kun oldin
Святой Рейдер
Kamille Bidan
Kamille Bidan 8 kun oldin
Uh-oh did I do that?
Vladimir Vassiliev
Vladimir Vassiliev 8 kun oldin
Its for 3th and last
Ещё одна нереализуемая пластиковая игрушка.
Suntor Ivanovich
Suntor Ivanovich 7 kun oldin
ну вот и диванные эксперты подтянулись...
Adolfo Restrepo
Adolfo Restrepo 8 kun oldin
The tumbs down are from childrens in siria
K u
K u 8 kun oldin
멋지네. KFX가 장난감으로 보여..
Scott Reynolds
Scott Reynolds 8 kun oldin
Go Russia, we need competition to drive our technological advancement.
One Trick Pony
One Trick Pony 7 kun oldin
That ain't it.
Jim Lee
Jim Lee 8 kun oldin
Get it together or we will beat your ass!
Valentin Nikolaev
Valentin Nikolaev 8 kun oldin
This should not be a car show! The planes are shown by piloting! And this is not even a flying circus!
Kefka 8 kun oldin
So its about as fake as a video game. But this channel is a Russian Troll Farm so no real surprises here.
Braun30 8 kun oldin
Nice grouping of various concepts seen in the past years on other products. Nothing really new.
Pulkit Raj
Pulkit Raj 8 kun oldin
Keep it out from Chinese otherwise they will just copy and renames it J30.
alexei lindes
alexei lindes 8 kun oldin
That's nothin.. we got ufos... And thats the story we will tell them And thats how we get to Mars first..
Yap BT
Yap BT 8 kun oldin
A better looking and refined version of boeing's X32. The Russians always make beautiful planes! Here is the artist impression of boeing X32 for comparison with Check Mate www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/20971/this-is-what-a-boeing-f-32-wouldve-looked-like-if-lockheed-lost-the-jsf-competition
Savage Ruthless1
Savage Ruthless1 8 kun oldin
Lol Russians copying USA F22 raptor or the F35 which design did you copy? Just like china you are all way behind these are old planes just wait til you see what you dont see...
Moemuggy 8 kun oldin
Did they just put Russian stickers on a F22 raptor? Russia is that kid in school that was always peeking over your shoulder during a test.
Moemuggy 4 kun oldin
@TudorMiron If you want to say you're a Russian aircraft fan-boy because you like the way they copy the superior US designs, that's fine. But you and I both know I'm right. This is the F22 with Russian stickers about 20 years too late.
Moemuggy 4 kun oldin
@TudorMiron So you're saying the Tu-4s is an original design?
TudorMiron 4 kun oldin
@Moemuggy I'm not talking about originality. I'm saying that your post shows that you know little but talk a lot. Again - start reading and learning aerodynamics. This will lead to lesser ignorant posts like those above.
Moemuggy 7 kun oldin
@TudorMiron yeah right, kinda like the Tu-4s was an original Russian design too, huh? Stop kidding yourself. Russian aircraft designers don't have an original thought in their head. This is almost an exact copy of the F-22 / 35. The only difference is, the stickers.
TudorMiron 7 kun oldin
You seem to know very little in the field of aerodynamics. Totally different animals from aerodynamic point.
marino leskaj
marino leskaj 8 kun oldin
American the F35 can Kill this Russian Mig in 1/sec,and of Story
Hadley Scott McIntyre
Eyeball design
Master Mariner
Master Mariner 8 kun oldin
Nice copy of the F35
Zheng Shen Koe
Zheng Shen Koe 8 kun oldin
welp if only they could afford it
Javier Torres
Javier Torres 8 kun oldin
Special Boat Service-Malaysian Infantryman
Killer of F35, baby. Malaysian gonna buy 36 of this.
New. Lightweight. SUKHOI.
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