Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment 

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Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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9-Iyn, 2021



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John Anthony
John Anthony Soat oldin
All that work ,just to live in a hole in the wall.😆
JosC Soat oldin
수평선넘어 Soat oldin
비오면 ?
Cliff Bolstad
Cliff Bolstad Soat oldin
Living in these type of homes is not uncommon in China. Back in 2018 I took around a 2000 mile trip across China, mostly along highway G30, and I seen countless numbers of man made caves along one long area. I thought that it was odd to see so many of these, that I decided to research it on the internet. I quickly found that millions of people live in these and some are quite nice. Just search "cave homes in china" on the internet if you want to learn more.
shadow bon animations
Me:*walks through forest* Oh a minecraft house. Edit:but seriously were do i rent the apartment for a day
Boris Sibor
Boris Sibor Soat oldin
I wonder what his address is? 🤔
SWAT Soat oldin
Китаю по мимо леса и горы бесплатно отдали что ли?
Bobby Allen
Bobby Allen Soat oldin
Amazing talent and perseverance.Thats a true cave man!
장순원SOON Soat oldin
Gerardo Montoni
Gerardo Montoni Soat oldin
Beautiful work..but I didn't see a bathroom, or a shower..
All About
All About 2 soat oldin
What a visionary craftsman! So awesome!
Sedik Bro
Sedik Bro 2 soat oldin
يا خوياا واحدك راحت البال
Племянник Шварценеггера
Какой трудолюбивый человек.
Arga Dwi Cahya
Arga Dwi Cahya 2 soat oldin
Everything looks "easy"
Ivory Mantis
Ivory Mantis 2 soat oldin
RL Minecraft.
Agam R
Agam R 2 soat oldin
Wow bagus banget
Sphiwe Thwala
Sphiwe Thwala 2 soat oldin
If he rents this out I'm sure we'd all be queuing for one night in there this is amazing
asjdua 2 soat oldin
a true definition of a mancave
Adrián Sacarelo
Adrián Sacarelo 2 soat oldin
Buen intento... Casi me lo creo, chino.
Ringo Anselmo
Ringo Anselmo 2 soat oldin
Thats the bunker of farcry !
The Kingdom
The Kingdom 2 soat oldin
How much are you going to cut out of that mountain before it caves in? Geeze
Landra Cannon
Landra Cannon 2 soat oldin
Can u build me ahouse??
강승모 2 soat oldin
자연훼손 불법개발 .... 상식이 안통하는 나라일 듯...감탄할 일이아니라...작업자의 사고수준이 심각하다.
Bronson Gross
Bronson Gross 2 soat oldin
I can’t even make it to lunch without my shirt having snot, food, and life stains, and this guy never looks dirty, once...
Amy Bainbridge
Amy Bainbridge 2 soat oldin
Can you just take ownership in any mountain?
FS Story
FS Story 2 soat oldin
How long you make this?
김영애 2 soat oldin
참 대단하네요 생땅파서 멋진 집을 짓다니
silverblue571 2 soat oldin
Алексей Антипин
В медицинской маске?! Его легким конец!
Edalet Manafova
Edalet Manafova 2 soat oldin
نجم الشمال
نجم الشمال 2 soat oldin
اين ننت يامومري تجي تبسر مابيفعلو الناس الذي هم ناس والله عينا على طحيننا والله واكبر والموت لأمريكا الموت لإسرائيل
Nadezhda Ivanovna
Nadezhda Ivanovna 2 soat oldin
Большой мастер!!!! Классно!!!
李為宗 3 soat oldin
Marky Mark
Marky Mark 3 soat oldin
Really cool 👍
Pencil Cube
Pencil Cube 3 soat oldin
I'd be too worried about the ceiling collapsing
Tom Vogt
Tom Vogt 3 soat oldin
Nobody will ever be able to tell this guy he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.
Hɪɢʜᴡᴀʏ Tᴇʀʀᴏʀɪsᴛ
He’s the cavity in your tooth. He’s the Earth’s cavity.
Tom Vogt
Tom Vogt 3 soat oldin
Was that a Harbor Freight hammer drill? Who says they sell junk? LMFAO
Prime Visions Studio
this guy bringing tools like self leveling lasers, some big coring drills with diamond bits, and making the apartment to look like ancient home
Lsu2012Bama 3 soat oldin
No, I could not build it!!
Асем Карипбаева
Какие трудолюбивые
Catherine Inghram
Catherine Inghram 3 soat oldin
This is amazing!
Hugh Joel Caulk
Hugh Joel Caulk 3 soat oldin
Video ended with it being incomplete. It would be great to see what it looks like currently. Part 2 ???
초모자 3 soat oldin
zhejuny 3 soat oldin
In the west if we did that eventually we would be taken to the police station and banned from our home because supposedly we do not own this piece of property
Hornet Scales
Hornet Scales 3 soat oldin
Someone has been reading "The Swiss Family Robinson" I see.
J G 3 soat oldin
DYI on the weekend.
David Rivera Jr
David Rivera Jr 3 soat oldin
This some next lvl Minecraft in irl shit
Jeffrey Plummer
Jeffrey Plummer 3 soat oldin
That was awesome I love it. I thought it was going to be bigger but it’s still big for one man to do alone in that amount of time
Jeyalin Vanitta
Jeyalin Vanitta 3 soat oldin
Amazing bro
rakadeniz deniz
rakadeniz deniz 3 soat oldin
Bizim buralarda olsa hani buranın imarı, iskanı diye sormazmı zabıta 🤭
Renu Singh
Renu Singh 3 soat oldin
It is so risky but amazing
Robert Burke
Robert Burke 3 soat oldin
I can’t believe he forgot to install a doorbell. How is the newspaper delivery boy supposed to collect his money?
Cleide Moura
Cleide Moura 3 soat oldin
7GPanda 3 soat oldin
Can you please paint your cave white.... :)
Hyatt 3 soat oldin
Imagine thinking this guy did this project solo
Ralph Gozum
Ralph Gozum 3 soat oldin
my man makes takes the first day of minecraft to another level.
D Cents
D Cents 3 soat oldin
Destroying nature.....great
D J 4 soat oldin
ooops, your land parcel is over there! Sorry!
Doves Paligrino
Doves Paligrino 4 soat oldin
This is truly unbelievable!!! It's hard to find the right words... He's a genius....I don't know anyone that could pull this off.. God bless him. ❤️
Emo Apples
Emo Apples 4 soat oldin
This is exactly how I play minecraft.
Ahmad Faris
Ahmad Faris 4 soat oldin
When your kids started to test their crayon on the wall.. Scientist in 2121 " cave painting "
Hi 5
Hi 5 4 soat oldin
He is building it so confidently may b he has taken permission from the govt or the person to whom this land belongs or may b it could be his land
Pamela Jones
Pamela Jones 4 soat oldin
Modern day hobbit
Natalie Leonard
Natalie Leonard 4 soat oldin
Shelving unit good for cats.
БлоGер 4 soat oldin
Достраивал жилище скорее всего его праправнук
Sigur Ros
Sigur Ros 4 soat oldin
III II III I 4 soat oldin
Why a squat toilet? I hope there's plumbing unless you want to dig doodoo out.
Brad G
Brad G 4 soat oldin
This video is more like an hour! Not 15 minutes.
Captainflux Gaming
Captainflux Gaming 4 soat oldin
I need this type of house in my life
kurty nasta
kurty nasta 4 soat oldin
BRAVO 👏💯👏! HuHa! That’s Just Brilliant!
Khoirul Umam2
Khoirul Umam2 4 soat oldin
Is this legal.??
Jurema da Silva
Jurema da Silva 4 soat oldin
Incrível. O homem é persistente e determinado no seu objetivo. Teve bom gosto.
Mr ABOOD 4 soat oldin
Larry O'Hanlon
Larry O'Hanlon 4 soat oldin
China is known for large random earthquakes. Just saying.
Dancing Piñata
Dancing Piñata 4 soat oldin
Amazing talent and efforts!
Pamela sickinger
Pamela sickinger 4 soat oldin
Where is this?
kilmco1233 4 soat oldin
this man could have bought himself an entire house with the money he probably spent on blades/bits/disks
Man Good
Man Good 4 soat oldin
Good morning nays 😍
Del P
Del P 5 soat oldin
Minecraft in real world
Anthony W
Anthony W 5 soat oldin
Now that's the definition of a real man cave.
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor 5 soat oldin
I bet he was deaf after that. I couldn't hear from my right ear after using the sds drill for 15 minutes
Laura Cunningham
Laura Cunningham 5 soat oldin
My back and hands hurts from watching this. Fml. Amazing job! 👏
2Turnt tv
2Turnt tv 5 soat oldin
Wow he probably went deaf doing this🧏🏿‍♂️🤔
Roberto L
Roberto L 5 soat oldin
But now he’s deaf….
jaha 5 soat oldin
Brilliant! Now he needs an interior decorator.
noremac cystoms
noremac cystoms 5 soat oldin
Deaf man builds house
Yahaya Umar
Yahaya Umar 5 soat oldin
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crocbait aussie
crocbait aussie 5 soat oldin
This guy is a dynamo. Very impressive. Common in China as folks have nowhere to live but some sites kill the occupants in heavy rainfall season sadly.
Junior Reid
Junior Reid 5 soat oldin
If it doesn't have good wifi it's a automatic fail.
HSkr 5 soat oldin
Lázaro curtiu esse vídeo!
Kozy Ko
Kozy Ko 5 soat oldin
My kid built one of these in terraria..
InfinityOwl 5 soat oldin
that's a man right there. Ingenuity and hard work for his own future!
B Williams
B Williams 5 soat oldin
Damm Talking About A 1 Man Band This Dude's Incredible!!!
Christine Whatever
Christine Whatever 5 soat oldin
How many drill bits?
5punkt5 5 soat oldin
Fuck my eyes right, who need protective glasses
Forging a BOW out of Rusted Leaf SPRING
Old Soviet motorcycle full Restoration